Results Timeline - 1 Year
  • 1,000% Increase in Target Page Organic Traffic
  • 1M+ Monthly Organic Search Visitors
  • 13% Increase in Domain Organic Traffic


31,207 New Keywords Ranking on Google

ClassDojo is a free classroom communication app that brings classroom communities together to make education a more exciting and supportive place for kids. The app creates a positive and engaging classroom environment for students, parents, and teachers. Since its launch, ClassDojo has leveraged its influence to bring Mojo, ClassDojo’s monster mascot, into the classroom for social and emotional learning through interactive activities and engaging videos.

It is no surprise that the ClassDojo company culture reflects the same values as Mojo – mindfulness, perseverance, gratitude, and empathy. As Head of Marketing, Manoj Lamba is pretty familiar with the cold pitch email. Like most of us, when he receives unsolicited emails, he typically deletes them. But the cold pitch email from 世界杯直播网址 caught his attention for one specific reason: our culture.

ClassDojo is still a relatively small, nimble startup, so every hire they make needs to be strategic; when they first engaged with 世界杯直播网址, an internal SEO specialist didn’t make sense. To an extent, it still doesn’t. With 世界杯直播网址, ClassDojo has a dedicated SEO team that is continuously evaluating the SEO strategy to help them get better results. Plus, 世界杯直播网址’ unspoken value-add is that we leverage our extensive and ever-increasing knowledge of SEO to improve the ClassDojo campaign.


SEO strategy what works

Obviously, the most important aspect of a partnership is the results, but for Manoj, the other major part is being happy with the people you’re working with. Culture is crucial at ClassDojo, and it is important to them that agencies they work with also put a considerable emphasis on creating a positive company culture.

“Trustworthy, responsiveness, results driven. I think culture starts from the top, but I still feel that same trustworthiness with my account manager. I can tell you really care about our business results and that matters a lot to me too.”
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Manoj Lamba - ClassDojo

At our SEO agency , we strive for our culture to come through in every aspect of our business, from the initial sales pitch to account management and everything in between. We “lift the veil” on the SEO agency experience by taking the guesswork out of our process. We share each element of the strategy with anticipated results so that our clients always know where their SEO campaign stands. Our account managers are knowledgeable in SEO, so each interaction with our team is positive and productive; if something isn’t sitting right, we fix it. Whether that means adding an additional report, removing bulky details from a report, or overhauling the campaign – we are constantly challenging the “SEO is a lot of guesswork” notion by being honest and transparent in every aspect of our business.

What we achieved with ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a perfect example of how 世界杯直播网址 can make a startup or small company stand out. 世界杯直播网址 led ClassDojo’s SEO growth to deliver over 1,000% growth which puts them lightyears ahead of their competition. Thanks to 世界杯直播网址, ClassDojo can retain their “small team, big results” mentality while executing a behemoth marketing campaign.

Year-over-year, ClassDojo skyrocketed in sitewide organic traffic. Sure, 13.71% might not sound like something to brag about but when that percentage is based on an increase from 2,251,575 visits to 2,560,358, we think it’s worth celebrating!

Featured Snippets Enhance Authority

Featured Snippets are call outs on Google’s first page that provide a concise answer to the user’s question, without them having to click on any links. ClassDojo has Featured Snippets for both branded and non-branded keywords. For users searching for ClassDojo, the immediate “zero position” result on Google increases trust and gives ClassDojo authority above the competition.

Increased Keywords Ranked

Class Dojo’s SEO presence has continued to build month-over-month for the past year with over 11,000 keywords ranking in the Top 100. Plus, organic traffic increased by over 300,000 visits. With a team of fewer than 25 employees, all with titles like Engineering, Product, or Design, and only one with Marketing, ClassDojo is outsmarting their competition by partnering with 世界杯直播网址 to reach more people online who care about improving education.

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