Results Timeline - 2 Years
  • Organic Search Traffic Increased 571%
  • Tripled the Total Keywords Ranked On Google
  • First Page Keywords Increased by 463%
  • Return on Investment 780%


780% Return on Investment by 世界杯直播网址

Visualize a vacation home with every amenity you can think of – an infinity pool that seems to dip off into the most beautiful blue ocean, a private chef, personal butler, and the comfort of knowing that a local guide is ready and able to answer any question you may have. For most of us, this is just a pleasant daydream. For Alex Baradi, CEO of Exceptional Villas, these exclusive destinations are what define her business. Exceptional Villas has been a world leader in luxury villa rentals for over 25 years with a philosophy that ‘nothing is too much.’

Let’s be clear; this is not your typical vacation rental company where you rent someone’s home off the internet while they stay with a friend down the street. Alex built her company on an elite luxury and unparalleled service. Alex already knew she had a great brand and an excelling business; but in the six years that Exceptional Villas had been working with SEO agencies, she still struggled to find her website on the first ten pages of any search engine.

Alex knew there were untapped markets where Exceptional Villas could thrive. Still, lackluster SEO results left her doubting whether the website was a useful tool to source qualified leads. In a final attempt to reach her target market, she asked her team to find a U.S.-based SEO agency since most of her clientele live in North America.

Exceptional Villas SEO Case Study Traffic Growth - 世界杯直播网址
Exceptional Villas SEO Case Study - 世界杯直播网址

SEO strategy what works

Alex was initially drawn to 世界杯直播网址 because she felt we would give her personable, client-focused service – that’s a pretty cool compliment from someone who built her business on catering to an exclusive clientele. It also helped that we understood the complexities of marketing a luxury brand. In the end, Alex knew she would have a partner in 世界杯直播网址, not just an SEO provider. The 200+ Point SEO Audit and subsequent SEO strategy further convinced her that she made the right decision.

Equipped with the 200+ Point SEO Audit – an in-depth SEO analysis, backlink portfolio analysis, competitive analysis, and SEO on page analysis – 世界杯直播网址 saw right away what hindered Exceptional Villas Google ranking. The thematic keywords weren’t effective, the content was thin, and the website was built around hundreds of geo-focused pages.

“Recently, 世界杯直播网址 gave us some advice on how to get featured snippets. In the first month, we had 30 featured snippets…you can’t miss us. Today, I spent most of the morning trying to source more luxury properties because we don’t have enough. That’s such a great complaint to have!”
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Alex Barardi - Exceptional Villas

世界杯直播网址 began a tactical, data-driven SEO strategy to fill in gaps, locate opportunities, and tap into growth potential. Our team initially impressed Alex with strategic and effective thematic keywords. But more importantly, an immediate increase in organic traffic to the Exceptional Villas website proved that the thematic keywords were relevant to her high net worth clientele.

What we achieved with Exceptional Villas

Propelled by the immediate success, we dug deeper, determined to prove that it could only get better. We used an effective link building process to acquire authoritative, thematically relevant links from reputable domains, increased social media visibility, diversified SEO press releases, and performed strategic keyword jacking.

In non-SEO terms, we used sound research and data to make it impossible for the SEO campaign to fail.

Organic Search Traffic Increased

In just two years, Exceptional Villas increased organic search traffic by 571%, total keywords ranked by 301%, and the number of keywords getting first page results increased from 155 to 872. As organic traffic to the Exceptional Villas website has grown, their dependence on third-party sites and other online channels for advertising have decreased.

Unparalleled ROI

Above all, Exceptional Villas saw a 780% return on their investment. Results of 世界杯直播网址’ SEO campaign increased website revenue by nearly 50% since 2016, making the site the highest source of income in their business.

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