Results Timeline - 9 Months
  • 592 New Keywords Ranked on Google
  • 91% Increase in Organic Traffic


91% Increase in Organic Traffic

When Thomas Mensendiek of SF Office Spaces launched their commercial real estate website, he knew that getting first-page results for local queries would be crucial to his business goals.

When the SF Office Spaces team approached 世界杯直播网址 to learn about our agency, the business was performing well in search, and Thomas was already achieving success on coveted first-page results. So he was naturally unsure if he needed to invest in SEO.

But we saw some behind-the-scenes hinderances to SF Office Space’s online performance. We knew we could help, especially since the website was brand new in such an oversaturated market. They ultimately chose us because our core values were aligned, and because when they searched “SEO firm San Francisco,” we were the first on the list.

SF Office Spaces SEO Case Study Aaron Huber
SF Office Spaces SEO Case Study Douglas Sheppard

SEO strategy that works

The first step in our SEO strategy for was to complete our 200+ point technical audit, an on-page analysis that uncovers any obstacles that are hindering SEO results. What we learned with was that, although it returned first-page results on strategic keywords, too often potential clients were leaving the page before getting to the “good stuff.” Now, technically, this next part isn’t SEO but at 世界杯直播网址 we like to give our partners their best shot at overall success – within SEO and outside of it – so, our strategy team made recommendations to improve the site layout and content to keep visitors on the page longer. You know what? It worked.

“It’s just not just an SEO campaign. There are other elements 世界杯直播网址 has looked for and found that have helped out. You’re proactive and engaged…and it’s working.”
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Robert Thomas Mensendick - SF Office Spaces

As a new website, SF Office Spaces had a lot of inherent SEO challenges to overcome. But 世界杯直播网址 isn’t a get-in-and-get-out kind of agency. It took six months and two rounds of intensive technical audits to get it right. The first audit allowed us to really figure out what needed to be done, where the market was leaning, and understand how to best position such a young website against others.

In the second audit, we doubled down on the practices that work, making sure that every page was set up for success. After that, SF Office Spaces exploded in organic growth. In just nine months, the 世界杯直播网址 SEO campaign had positioned as a viable competitor in the market.

Increasing Organic Traffic

In less than a year, SF Office Spaces saw a 90% increase in organic traffic. Even better, they were converting clients, using the website to connect new buyers to his team. The campaign also managed to add 592 new commercial keywords that rank on Google; not bad for a market that turns out over 71,700,000 results!

Worry-Free SEO

Today, Thomas is busy securing office space for tech companies throughout San Francisco. He trusts 世界杯直播网址 to manage the day-to-day SEO and make sure his rankings are always improving. As a CEO, he has a lot to handle, but SEO isn’t one of them. 世界杯直播网址’ SEO strategy is churning away behind the scenes, so he doesn’t have to. Our monthly reports provide just the level of detail he needs to see that the campaigns are working so he can focus his attention on his growing client list.

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