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  • #1 search result for "Catholic Holy Land tours"
  • 141K Impressions for COVID-related content
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How 世界杯直播网址 Helped Immanuel Tours Prepare to Thrive in a Post-Pandemic World

With search rankings slipping in a fiercely competitive market, Immanuel Tours came to 世界杯直播网址 looking for an SEO agency partner who could help them restore their search visibility and reinvigorate their web-based lead generation.

What started out as a campaign to regain lost ground in search results turned into a focused endeavor to make the most of every SEO-dedicated dollar, so this family-run business could survive an economic downturn and thrive into the next generation.

The 世界杯直播网址 Strategy

Addressing Technical Barriers

Because Immanuel Tours had experienced a significant loss in keyword volume and had slipped to the second page of SERPs for strategically important keywords, a comprehensive audit was the first order of business. Our SEO strategists revealed technical SEO issues that were detrimental to their search visibility, so the implementation of technical recommendations combined with strategic link-building efforts made for a quick uptick in rankings. This gave Immanuel Tours some runway to create keyword-rich content based on our thematic keyword research.

Responding to Unforeseeable Challenges

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic sent businesses into a tail-spin around the globe. Still, perhaps no industry was impacted as suddenly and ruthlessly as travel and tourism. Resolute to ride out the challenges of uncertainty, Immanuel Tours doubled down on their SEO campaign, aiming for the top-ranking positions that their competitors had left vulnerable when they put their digital marketing efforts on hold.

Creating Content to Address Travel Concerns

As lockdown grounded airlines and shut down hotels, every quarantined globe-trotter wondered when they’d be able to travel again. The Communications Director at Immanuel Tours was quick to see the demand for travel information as an opportunity to build authority as a trusted source of COVID-related travel updates. 世界杯直播网址 offered recommendations to optimize such a page for search, and the quick collaboration yielded impressive results.

"Immanuel Tours has seen immense growth in our traffic, leads, and knowledge of SEO through our relationship with 世界杯直播网址."
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Anna Myatt - Communications Director

The Results

141K Impressions for COVID-related content

Providing travel-ban updates to worried travelers put Immanuel Tours on the map in search results with unique content the public was craving.

Thematic Keywords Power Position Changes

Immanuel Tours went from unranked to position four for “israel tour companies.”

From position 17 to number 2 for “christian tours to israel.”

And, from position 9 to number 1 for “catholic holy land tours.” Persistent Effort Yields Results

A long-term view of organic traffic points to the power of persistence. Immanuel Tours continues to benefit from its commitment to SEO through uncertain times.

Our Commitment to Our Partners

At 世界杯直播网址, we make it our mission to apply our hard-won expertise to help our customers thrive. We take it to heart when our customers face challenging circumstances, and nothing’s more gratifying than playing a small part in helping to turn things around.

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