Results Timeline - 12 Months
  • 200% Organic Traffic Growth
  • 140,000+ New Unbranded Keywords
  • 379% More Organic Traffic to ToFu Content


140K New Unbranded Keywords Secure Market Share

The Challenge

Cybersecurity expert Fortinet was getting outranked by competitors and struggling to capture the attention of customers not already familiar with their products.

To better connect with high-value leads ripe for conversion, they needed to overhaul their SEO. They came to 世界杯直播网址 for help.

Our rigorous keyword research identified and expanded upon the keywords Fortinet could rank well for. We produced compelling content aligned with customers’ needs. Combined, this work resulted in a dramatic increase in traffic the industry leader can leverage over time.


The Solution

Our partnership with Fortinet is a prime example of how taking the time to understand our customers’ industry niche and business pain points, helps us create campaigns that focus on their core needs to yield compounding results so they can drive sustainable growth.

After identifying the high-value, high-volume search terms Fortinet should have been ranking well for, we helped them optimize their existing product pages for those terms. We also created new, high-quality content that attracted the pre-awareness audience we were targeting holistically.

Educating the Market with Optimized Content

Because of the highly technical nature of cybersecurity products, our research revealed that potential customers wanted to understand the subject matter before they committed to a product purchase. Our keyword research identified missed opportunities to connect with customers seeking information. With this understanding, we crafted and optimized educational content, which met potential customers’ informational needs. Added bonus: Producing new content expanded the number of keywords Fortinet ranked well for, which then boosted the search visibility of their existing pages.

The Results

200% YoY Growth in Organic Traffic

In the first month of our partnership, Fortinet experienced a mind-boggling 383% increase in organic traffic. This early impact created immediate traction that leveled out to sustainable growth over the next 11 months to hold steady at 2x the organic traffic they started with.

Top Three Rank for Industry Keywords

By creating high-quality, informational content related to technical, unbranded keywords, Fortinet was able to lock the competition out of the top three spots for coveted, high-volume keywords.

More Than 140,000 New Unbranded Keywords

We quickly blew past Fortinet’s original goal to rank for 4,500 new, non-branded keywords to capture 140,558 unbranded keywords in a year.

Leveraging Knowledge Leadership to Build Customer Trust

Fortinet wanted to expand awareness beyond those already familiar with their products. With our help, they aimed for industry-specific queries and served up relevant content for top-of-funnel prospects. By optimizing its knowledge leadership for search, Fortinet eclipsed the competition to create a broad reach and build a robust lead pipeline to support sustainable growth.

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